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Sewer & Septic Inspections

Sewer Services & Septic Inspections from Alabama’s Top-Rated Local Plumbers

Septic Tank Inspections & Sewer Line Repair Services in Sylacauga

From slow-working drains to soggy lawn spots, issues with your sewer line can disrupt your daily life. At Ponder Plumbing, we’re always ready to step up and do the dirty work. For sewer lines and septic systems, there are far more risks than a bad smell. Effective sewer line inspections and repairs are best left in the hands of a professional plumbing company like Ponder Plumbing.

Sewer Line & Septic Tank Inspections Sylacauga, AL | Ponder Plumbing - SS-1

Experienced Professionals & Advanced Technology For Your Sewer Repairs

Our team at Ponder Plumbing uses drain snakes and camera devices to perform advanced inspections deep into the potential problem areas of your septic system. We conduct the same high-quality inspections for sewage systems for both public works and local neighborhoods. With decades of experience at our back, Ponder Plumbing will ensure that your family, business, school system, or organization steers clear of problems related to your septic and sewers. 


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Our Process

We’re dedicated to our customers receiving quick, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for sewer and septic system services.


We use video technology to determine the location of the damage.


Our team of experts analyzes the issue and determines the best solution.


If you experience a breakdown, our team responds quickly to address your concerns.

Sewer Line & Septic Tank Inspections Sylacauga, AL | Ponder Plumbing - SS-2

High-Quality Home Sewer Line Inspections

With our diagnostic camera inspections, you save time and money by allowing our team to properly diagnose the root issue. We can see whether a clogged sewer is because of tree roots, insect infestation, or another obstruction. Then, we honestly report our suggestions for repair or replacement to you. By working closely with trained and certified professionals like our Ponder Plumbing team, you can efficiently maintain a properly operating sewage system. 

Proudly Serving Sylacauga, Childersburg, Talladega, Alexander City, Columbiana, and Ashland, AL.

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Leaks, burst pipes, and weird noises in your plumbing seem to come at the most unpredictable and often inconvenient time. You don't have time to call several places when water is gushing out of pipes. Here at Ponder Plumbing, we know you can't choose when a plumbing issue comes up. We have 24/7 emergency availability beyond our normal business hours, so you won't need to “make it through the night.” When you have a serious concern with your plumbing, now is the right time to get professional help.